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The Life and Death of an Untrained Dog 

I woke up one morning with my littermates. I saw Mom lying there, so I went over to get some breakfast. Mom was warm and she licked me all over. She loved us so much...

Things were good back then.

Then I went to live in a home with two kids and their mom and dad. I used to be able to come in the house and play. They even let me sleep in the house. The children would run and I would chase them around. When I was little they would let me jump on them and even playfully bite them. The family would laugh and encourage me to play like that. They gave me lots of toys such as socks, shoes, and stuffed animals. I had so much fun...

Those were the days.

As I got bigger, I would accidentally knock the children down. I would try to bite them on the cuff of their pants as they ran. I found toys like the ones my master gave me when I was younger and I would chew them up. They started getting mad at me all the time. When I jumped up, they would knee me down. One minute they were laughing at me for play biting and chewing and the next minute they would spank me for doing the very same thing...

I was so confused.

Now I spend my days, hour after hour, chained in the backyard. No one comes out to play with me. I am so happy to see them when they come out that I jump and bark with joy. I spend my days digging up the yard around me which makes my masters mad at me. The fleas crawl all over me...

which drives me crazy.

The more I sit out here, the madder I get. I cannot understand why they brought me home just to chain me in the yard. If my masters are unhappy with my behavior...

...why not train me?

Why did they encourage me to jump and bite? Things have not gotten any better for me. Now I sit in jail. People come by my cage looking at me. I bark at them, but no one wants me. Oh no! Here comes a lady with a leash. Where is she taking me? She walks me into a room. Oh, she likes me. It's so good to be hugged again! What's this? She is sticking my leg. Oh, I has happened to me? I am asleep now.


Training - Our experienced trainers will fit a specially prepared training regimen to you and your human ranging from beginning obedience all the way up through agility and protection dog training. 

We have several ways to offer a training program.  There's a two week in house training at our facility.

Working Dog Club - Quality family time.  Every week, my dog pals and I get together with our people to play and socialize.  Our trainers stress socialization as one of the most important aspects of the dog-human relationship.  We practice obedience, agility, protection dog, and other things.  We have mock mini-competitions frequently and regular competitions which include agilitly, protection dog, obedience ring and confirmation.  We encourage all of our members to achieve at least their AKC Canine Good Citizens Award and then go on for their AKC titles.  

Doggy Day Care - Where do K-9 senior citizens go during the day when the rest of the family is at work or school?  What about invalid K-9's or pups that need supervision?  What if you have a K-9 friend that just needs a day out.  Where do they go?  Come visit our Doggy Day care.  We can take care of your friend, daily, weekly, or even monthly situations.  We have a special place with special people just for you or your friends special needs. 

AKC Registered German Shepherd puppies out of superior lines. 

AKC Registered German Shepherd dogs in various stages of training.  From young housebroke beginning obedience dogs to fully trained protection dogs.  Just let us know what you need. 

AKC Quality controlled breeding program for your German Shepherd.  Our lines include full german breeding with the Kovaya, and Desert Dream, AKA (Chino) bloodlines.  All of our dogs have a high drive for working and have a guarantee on health, including hips.





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