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Pyewacket's the name and I'm top dog around here, I don't care what Atheana says.  I'm German bred and I'm the most beautiful, most vicious (unless you want to rub my tummy or scratch my ears,) best athlete, ever to exist on the face of the earth.  Just ask me!!
How many times do I have to to this before 
people realize that I know how to go through a door  properly?

The A-Frame is easy as pie, pups, just up and over.

The Dog-Walk takes confidence and finesse and those are my middle names.

Able K-9 Academy


Training for obedience, agility, and protection dog. Now offering weight pulling.

Working Dog Club featuring AKC testing and various competitions.

Doggie Day Care

AKC registered Puppies for sale

AKC registered Dogs for sale, trained in various stages. 

AKC quality controlled Breeding to top breeding lines.


To find out more about our facilities and what we offer:
Please call 817-516-7041



Fun is the number one agenda for our club, and the number one rule.  We stop quite often during our training and work out sessions just to play with our people, otherwise they would get bored and become a handful. 

We start our meetings with some socialization exercises.  It's very important to teach humans to get along with each other politely.  Then we work obedience, agility, and protection.  Intermingled in all that we practice poison proofing and more play.

Sugar is serving cold drinks to her pets after a job well done.  We believe in high praise, lots of loving, lots of play, and treats as rewards when our humans do well.
There will be a low cost vaccination clinic FROM 2:00 TO 4:00 PM 

Location (ABLE K-9 ACADEMY) 12750 Rendon Road, Burleson 76028


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